Easter 2015

A Norwegian tradition is enjoying a murder mystery around Easter. This Easter my Dolokk Holmes was hired by a local music festival in Spydeberg to solve a murder on their website. I wrote a new mystery and created new characters for Dolokk Holmes and his assistant Dr. Fanny to meet. Some of the new characters were locals, and the rest were Norwegian celebrities. Only the poor victim was entirely fictional.

Poster1Promotional poster

På toget“Off to Spydeberg” 

Frida“Oh, the head is over there” 

Caroline“Meeting Caroline, local hero and rock star”

Ordføreren“Meeting Knut, the mayor of Spydeberg”

Solberg“The brothers Solberg. Local heroes and World Championship race car drivers”

Donkeyboy“Donkeyboy, Norwegian pop stars.”

Kongledyr“The cot-animals Donkeyboy made”

Eddy & Kenneth“Local heroes and organizers/creators of the music festival Kenneth and Eddy”

Børre“Last of the creators of the festival, Børre.”

Momarken“Visiting the horse racetrack” 

Kristoffer“Meeting Kristopher Schau, Norwegian comedian”.

Solberg plass“Who’s that?”

OnklP“Meeting OnklP, Norwegian rapper”

   Bautaen“At the memorial monument in Spydeberg”

De mistenkte“The killer is amongst us. The guilty one is…”

Poster2Easter egg: Poster not used.

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