Christmas 2013

The fourth Calendar had a new theme: Christmas songs. Often I used puns for a more fun dorullnisse. Try and guess the song by looking at the picture or reading the vague hints underneath. Click the picture to reveal and listen to the answer.

1. des

December 1st:
English song, but the image is based on a pun in the Norwegian lyrics

2. des

December 2nd:
Should be fairly easy

3. des

December 3rd:
Notice the calendar, and remember this was 2013.

4. des

December 4th:
Too easy.

5. des

December 5th:
This is very literal.

6. des

December 6th:
Again a Norwegian pun, but to the original English lyrics. The Norwegian name for the Hoola Hoop would translate to Rocking Ring.

7. des

December 7th:
This one you’ll get. Easy.

8. des

December 8th:
Again very literal. Much more literal than the lyrics intended. Much more.

9. des

December 9th:
Infant Kris Kringle

10. des December 10th:
A Norwegian classic.

11. desDecember 11th:

12. desDecember 12th:
A funny one.

13. desDecember 13th:
Norwegian. A rude take on a classic.

14. desDecember 14th:
Drunken Irish.

15. desDecember 15th:
This couple is way too young to get wed.

16. desDecember 16th:
This is supposed to be a Norwegian song, but some tell me it will work on a different song with English lyrics.

17. desDecember 17th:
This song is the mathematicians´ favorite.

18. desDecember 18th:
I learned this song from Christmas Vacation.

19. des

December 19th:
The name for this Character is Flode, as he is a Norwegian flodhest. If I told you the English name for this animal, I’d give away too much.

20. desDecember 20th:
A depressing Norwegian song. I hate it. Really.

21. desDecember 21st:
A more cheerful Norwegian song. A bit cryptic here and there in the lyrics, though…

22. des

December 22nd:
A song about what? The weather?

23. desDecember 23rd:
A Norwegian song from a Christmas musical.

24. desDecember 24th:
A Norwegian/Danish classic. With a pun.

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