Christmas 2011

Since the first advent calendar was such a success among my friends, I wanted to make a new one the next year. In 2011 the focus was more on Christmas and traditions than the year before.


December 1st: Haslenisse-dorullnisse.
In the myriads of tacky Christmas decorations, we can find the Haslenisse. They are wonderfully detailed and well done, with huge hands and a face that promises to strangle you in your sleep.
I don’t care much for these.


December 2nd: Julebord-lady-dorullnisse.
The previous year we took a look at the male dorullnisse going to julebord. This year I made the female one. I use the term “lady” quite loosely here – there should be more boots, heels, hair, cleavage and makeup than dress.


December 4th: Writing your name in the snow-dorullnisse.
A dear wintertime tradition.


December 4h: Freshly baked gingerbread men-dorullnisse.
Notice the gingerbreadmen… They are toilet rolls too. Get it?

Did you get it?
You got it.


December 5th: Snow angels-dorullnisse.
This dorullnisse has just come in after making angels in the snow. Oh no. Poor guy.


December 6th: It’s for my friend-dorullnisse.
Christmas tree parties are a tradition. There should also be a Santa there, giving out bags of candy to all the children. Last there is that kid who’ll ask for several bags. They are for his friends. He is going to give them to his friends who are elsewhere right now. Bastard.


December 7th: Julekvelden på kjerringa-dorullnisse.
We have a saying that translates to “As surprising as Christmas Eve on the housewife”. It sounds better in Norwegian. No matter how much you prepare, come Christmas Eve you are not ready. This old lady has a Christmas tree riding on her back, strangling her with a chain of Christmas lights. Two gingerbread are stepping on her head and a boxed gift is chewing on her hand as she is reaching for her rolling pin. Guess this Christmas Eve was a bit more surprising than previous ones.


December 8th: Sølvguttene-dorullnisse.
Sølvguttene, meaning the Silver Boys, are singing Christmas songs on the TV every Christmas Eve at five in the evening, when it officially becomes Christmas. My family always eat Christmas dinner at five listening to Sølvguttene from the TV in the other room.
I can’t remember why I gave him an iPhone.


December 9th: Mariah Carey-dorullnisse.
This is from the year she covered her own All I Want For Christmas is You. With Bieber. The video was totally inappropriate, with aging cougar Carey grinding in front of the poor boy.
Ho ho ho.
Also there was a lot of Nintendos.


December 10th: Admiral Von Schneider-dorullnisse.
This one you got! Unless, of course, you are from the UK, where “Dinner for one” is originally from. You can Google it. Here in Norway, it´s been a tradition for ages, and it is ALWAYS broadcast on the day before Christmas Eve. This allows people to make fun of old people with dementia and alcholics. Ah, Christmas spirit.

I myself, like the rest of the world, prefer to watch this at new years eve, because the play takes place on a new years eve and they keep wishing each other a happy new year. But that’s just me (and the rest of the world).


December 11th: Tofu-dorullnisse.
Celebrating the traditional hunt for the Christmas tofu.


December 12th: Butter crisis-dorullnisse.
Christmas 2011 was troubled by a huge crisis. There was no butter. Everything we make around Christmas consists of butter. What were the people to do? I imagined this was something we’d remember for generations. The Christmas without butter. I wanted to be the first to make Christmas decorations commemorating the shortage.

But where was all the butter? Everybody had bought it. So there was no real crisis.


December 13th: DIY-dorullnisse.
You can explain this yourself.

14. desember

December 14th: Doing it himself-dorullnisse.
This one wouldn’t wait one more day, so he started without me.

15. desember

December 15th: Crooked as my tree-dorullnisse.
Family tradition; being satisfied with the tree even before it is 90 degrees. What, it’s difficult! This year the tree was like 60 degrees, but I was done, I wanted to decorate it. The dorullnisse was inspired by the tree.


December 16th: Soft gifts-dorullnisse.
This dorullnisse only got soft Christmas gifts. No kids want that.
I don’t want that.

17. desember

December 17th: Grandiosa-dorullnisse.
Norwegians love their frozen pizza and Grandiosa is king. Around Christmas time we eat 2.5 million Grandiosas and on Christmas eve over 200.000 Grandiosas are eaten.


December 18th: Julebukk-dorullnisse.
Julebukk means Christmas Goat, and it is an ancient tradition originating in Ireland. The same tradition that later became the well known trick or treat-ing. Norwegians dulled it down and it is now basically kids going caroling and asking for candy. Often dressed up as nisser. This dorullnisse however goes back to the days of yore when they dressed up as real Christmas goats, using remains of real goats. Not too many kids still go julebukk.

Ironically many Norwegians are very anti-trick or treating, wishing kids could go julebukk instead.


December 19th: Emotional birthday boy Sebastian-dorullnisse.
This year I was the teacher for a class of fifth graders. They decided to hide in the classroom and surprise me. They brought cake and candy, coffe, lemonade and gifts. I’m not a big cryer, but this had me burst into tears and I had to process it by making a dorullnisse.

20. desember

December 20th: Siw Anita Andersen-dorullnisse.
This is one of my favorite Norwegian comedians. She has starred in two Christmas Calendars on TV. Two mockumentaries, built as a reality gameshow.

21. desember

December 21st: Captured by a lovestorm Carola-dorullnisse.
Carola is a Swedish singer known not only for her many Christmas songs, but also for her entries in Eurovision Song contest and addiction to the wind machine. This dorullnisse is inspired by her routine in Captured by a Lovestorm, which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991.

22. desember

December 22nd: Ugly ornament-dorullnisse.
The ornaments we love to hate. We hate to put them out, but there is no Christmas without them. Mostly because you or somebody else made it as a kid.

23. desember

December 23th: Bambi on Ice-dorullnisse.
One of many cartoons that belongs to Christmas. Everybody loves watching the poor deer trying to skate. Nobody knows the rest of the story. We know the mom dies, we don’t want to see that. We’ll stick to watch his ice dancing routine.

24. desember

December 24th: “We can do it, we can do it”: Merry little helpers-dorullnisse.
Finally revealing how the dorullnisser are made: By my collection of helpful woodland creatures. Sorry to ruin the illusion.


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